Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Osprey Introduced in Iowa

Early in the Summer, I was horrified by the monstrosity which was being erected at one of my favorite fishing spots. It appeared to be a new observation tower, but the slow progress on its construction made it a complete eye-sore. Soon, a metal sign was posted: "The Osprey Project." I stood with a confused expression wondering, "Do we even have osprey??" For weeks, I walked by the site and shrugged at its construction. It looked like a shabby observation tower to watch osprey out of. A few weeks ago, I finally found out that the tower is not meant to watch the is meant to house the osprey! According to an article I found online on the Iowa DNR Website Minnesota and Wisconsin Osprey Relocation Underway, five Wisconsin Osprey have been introduced into the Annett Nature Center in Warren County, Iowa.

The birds were kept in the tower for roughly a month, and were then released to fly freely.

On my last fly fishing trip, I was actually able to snap a couple photos of the birds flying about the nature center. They were very graceful and beautiful as they flew over the water.
The osprey make a distinctly high-pitched call, which allowed me to locate them when I initially spooked them from the tower. When I saw the osprey, they were often together in the same tree, except when they were flying above the water in search of food. It was a pleasure to see the birds alive and (apparently) thriving in their new home. It is unknown how long they will call the Annett Nature Center "home." From my understanding, they will migrate for the Winter, but return in a few years to make a nest of their own and raise their young. The numbers from the article regarding their return rate didn't seem all too promising, but only time will tell.


  1. They are for sure a beautiful bird of prey.

  2. That's pretty cool. We have osprey near us as well, and although I have never seen one, I would surely love to.

  3. Very neat. There is a pair nesting on the stretch of river I like to fish, as well as a Bald Eagle. Birds of prey are very fun to watch, especially when they are fishing. Good luck with school.