Monday, August 3, 2009

Froggin' on a Farm Pond

Saturday evening, we took to a local farm pond for some bass action. I would refer to myself as a "retired" bass fisherman. Although I am only 23, I have spent a significant chunk of my fishing career chasing after Largemouth Bass. For years, I did no other type of fishing (except maybe ice fishing). After catching many large bass, as well as getting a 23" 8 pounder on my wall, I decided to hang up my bass rod a few years ago and focus on fly fishing and cat fishing...both I had seriously neglected over the years. From years of experience, I know that Summer time bass fishing can be great if you know how to coax them into biting. The evening looked like it was going to be a perfect one, so I broke out the bass rod for a small cameo role...which turned into the main attraction!

I've never really been into top-water fishing for bass. I've found that most big bass search for deeper and cooler water in the Summer. Smaller bass can be caught using top water, but I would rather go after the big bass if I take the time to fish for them. Grass and moss had taken over the edges of the pond and made it rather difficult to fish my usual Berkley Powerworm Texas Rig. My friend Brad suggested I tie on one of his top-water plastic frogs and run it on top the grass and moss on the bank. I've never fished any type of moss-running bait before, but he claimed it would be successful. I tied it on to see how well I could do.

Within 10 casts, I pulled in this 4 pound brute from the thick grass...

I had several other bites throughout the evening, but the only other confirmed catch was actually another frog!

We continued to fish late into the night because only the faintest bit of light was needed to see a strike on the top of the water. Brad snagged into this little guy just before it was completely dark.

I think I'm sold on the moss-runner baits. Although I didn't actually catch anymore fish, the amount of strikes made it a new and very fun fishing scenario. For the best results, I would suggest a slow and bouncy retrieve. Walk along your pond or lake and watch the speed and action of the frogs you see in the water. Do your best to mimic that and you will be getting plenty of bass bites!


  1. I can't believe you caught a frog; that is amazing. And I have tried and tried to run topwater frogs on a local pond I can fish, and it has never produced much. Maybe I need to try it again.

  2. Wow! That is some great fishing. Did you keep the frog? I had frog legs once - only once. I was in Paris, so I had to try it.

  3. SO: It was certainly a great time. The productivity might be lacking a bit, but I think it will be very rewarding when the action is high.

    HuntsLikeAGirl: I didn't keep the frog this time. Brad and I actually had our first frog legs last Summer after harvesting a little over a dozen bullfrogs. We created a cajun beer batter and fried them up. The taste was very unique, but far from bad. I'm sure I would have them again, but probably not for a main course.

  4. Nice job on your topwater fishing. Anytime, you catch a nice Bass like that, is a great time. Funny photo of the frog. What else should you catch on a frog, but, another frog!