Friday, August 28, 2009

I Finally Found a Good Buy!

Before I embarked on my last trout flyfishing excursion, I stopped at Scheels Sporting Goods to pick up some tools to work on my bow. I don't usually find myself near a Scheels or large sports store often, but Brad needed to pick up some hooks before the trip, so I took advantage of the stop. After finding what I needed for my bow, we soon found that Scheels clearanced ALL of their fly fishing and flytying items earlier in the Summer. Just as we were leaving, however, I noticed the only things left in the section were wading shoes and sandals. The sandals I had been using to cross the streams were getting extremely old and tattered. The binding on the soles had come loose, and small rocks were getting stuck in my sandal, making walking painful. When I saw the clearance sign, I was very interested in the display.

The sandals turned out to be Orvis Wading Sandals. The construction of these sandals appeared to be very good. The straps have a very neoprene feel that use velcro to firmly fit to the foot with amazing comfort. The sole of the sandal is very firm, giving a great feeling of stability, especially in the water and on rocks. The bottom of the sandal has a felt-like section running down the middle that, mixed with the tread on the sandal, creates excellent traction in the water and on slippery rocks.

Fitting: Like usual, I went straight for the size 12 they had on the shelf. The sandal proved to be a hair bigger than what I need, but stuck with the 12 anyway. Who knows...I might have another growth spurt. As I said before, the bottom of the sandal feels very firm and secure. When I used them in the stream, I had no problem with them easily bending or giving on the stream bottom.

Construction: The sole of this sandal is VERY well made. It appears that there is no way for the sole to come apart and have small rocks get underneath your feet. Good construction means increased durability and overall longer comfort in the field. The sole of the sandal is made of a rubber material which stays waterproof. The straps as I said before have a neoprene feel to them.

Style: The style of these sandals is very basic. Two straps secure the foot in the front, while one strap goes around the back of the foot for a tight and comfortable fit. These straps are adjustable to fit just about any foot that goes in them. The sandals only came in a tan/green pattern, but it certainly fits the outdoor endeavors of those who fish.

Advantages: These sandals are relatively light, even after they have been used in the water for a long period of time. They don't get water-logged like an average sandal will. The secure fit and comfort allow for all day use without any problems of blisters. The sandals are also small and don't take up a lot of room in the car. They can be tossed in for a long road trip or a nice relaxing evening at your favorite local fishing hole.

Disadvantages: While the sandals work great in the water, they do leave your feet exposed as you walk to and from your fishing site. We had to walk through a lot of tall grass and and sharp weeds. The sandals leave a large part of the foot exposed and my feet were slightly cut up from the weekend.

Price: Scheels normally had the sandals for $51.99--I paid $19.99!! Not a shabby deal for a good pair of wading sandals!


  1. Thoes look like a nice pair of sandals. I'd say it was a great buy.

  2. You never know what you'll find in a store you don't frequent. Way to go.

    Mark (Shoreman)

  3. I recently wrote a post over on my blog about wading sandals and how I needed a pair to replace an old pair I have. You scored a heck of a deal there. Wish I had a Scheel's in my area.