Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Operation Technology: Success!!

I've been a heavy patron of Youtube.com for some time now. I've always enjoyed the easy access of finding just about any video I want. One thing I've never participated in, but have been thinking about for quite a while, is making videos and putting them on Youtube.com to share on my blog. The blog itself has given me a great way to post my photos, but the internet has more to offer than just pictures. I want to take advantage of various media styles, and videos are certainly a nice way to broadcast my experiences.

Here is a very short test clip of me catching a Brook Trout from my last fly fishing trip in Northeast Iowa!

I realize it isn't all that interesting of a clip, but it has opened up an entire new world to my outdoor experiences. I can't wait to create more videos this Fall. I have an interesting editing program on my computer, so I hope to create some polished videos of my hunting endeavors. I'm really excited...this is going to be AWESOME!!


  1. My brother acquired a new professional camera last year, and we have been filming our hunting and fishing expeditions ever since. It is an absolute blast, and you'll become addicted real quick.

    Mind if I ask what video editing software you're using?

  2. Well done, my friend. Makes me want to grab my rod and head to the closest stream. That will have to wait until tomorrow.