Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Little Art

Tuesday this week marked the first day of classes for my final year of college. My hope was to acquire a Communications and Theatre endorsement to supplement my degree in English and Secondary Education, but I'm afraid I don't have enough time to complete it. Although I don't have the opportunity to finish the endorsement, I still wanted to take a few Speech and Theatre courses to possibly increase my odds of getting a job after graduation. Although I won't be "certified," I'll still have a little experience in the field. One of my classes this semester is Scene Design. A large component of this class requires regularly using a sketch pad to build artistic skills that can be used for scene and costume renderings.

I still have the sketchbook I used in high school art class, so I decided to take a gander through it before I started my new sketches. It has been 8 years since I've seen this sketch book, and I was a little surprised at the quality of my sketches.

Here are a few sketches I found while flipping through the pages:

The class in high school required sketching on a regular basis, so I often used my left hand as a model for my sketches out of convenience--it was always something I had with me. I could kick open my sketchbook at any free moment and continue my sketch.

Then I came across my pride and joy...

This was an endeavor I took on towards the end of my art career in high school. I've always been a huge fan of Larry Zach, an amazing wildlife artist. This was my first (and sadly, last) solid work I've done in outdoor art. The rigors of high school athletics put my art aside at the time, and the constant business of college life has left me little time over the years to continue it. The Scene Design class, however, is forcing me back into the sketchbook, which isn't at all a bad thing. I'm actually looking forward to dust off some of my dormant skills and possibly pursue more outdoor and wildlife pieces.


  1. Congratulations on dusting off the "art" side of your past. You appear to have some fine talent. Outdoor art work will be appreciated by all your blogging friends.

  2. An honorable profession, the artist. About all I can draw is a bucket of water. LOL. Look forward to more pictures. Having done many craft shows, I appreciate a person's artistic ability. Keep up the good work.


  3. Mel & Shoreman: Thanks for the encouragement! I'll definitely be experimenting with outdoor art over the next few months. Hopefully they turn out well.

  4. Wow! You have got some talent there. I would frame that turkey picture and display it proudly.

  5. Go for it! Some of the strongest and latent skills/arts we have never begin to manifest themselves until later in life. If there is a model artist you admire, and you have an artistic bent (and it is clear that you do) then start having fun with it. It will grow...Do what you love, and the money (or satisfaction) will come as they say. Nice lines there..I say again, go for it! Do some for friends, do some for you. Jack

  6. Good lord! If you've got it, flaunt. You're one heck of an artist, and I think it would be a shame if you didn't get back to it.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some new outdoor sketches on here soon.