Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trick Shots with Byron Ferguson

When I was growing up, the only thing better than hunting or fishing was getting up early Saturday morning and tuning in to a series of outdoor television shows with my dad. One of my favorite segments throughout the morning would be a trick shot with Byron Ferguson. For those who don't know much about Byron, his claim to fame is coming up with amazingly difficult archery shots using a long bow. And if you've never shot a bow before, know that the long bow is one of the toughest bows to shoot accurately. This youtube video shows one of my favorite shots Byron has made over the years. Check it out!!

Is that amazing, or what?!


  1. Bryon Fergeson is my favorite trick shot personality. If you have not read his book "BE THE ARROW" I reccomend it, I might even do a blog on it. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

  2. I actually saw Bryon perform at one of our local archery events, and he is phenomenal with the longbow, as well as one fine gentleman. If only I was even close to being that good.

  3. Gabe: I'll definitely have to check out his book!!

    SO: I would love to see him shoot live. I think he's been around to Iowa for the Iowa Deer Classic, but I never have the chance to see him.

  4. My favorite was the diamond ring in Japan, and he didn't even have insurance!

    Good hunting,
    J Scott Croner
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